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Meet Our Team

At Knack, one of our favorite terms is “shop local.” Shopping local is what our business is based on and we take it seriously because we believe in supporting and working hard for the businesses in our territories.  We are “local” Sales Reps that are not only servicing your accounts, but members of your community, customers and supporters of your business.

Kim Leister





Kim has more than 25 years in the retail industry.  Beginning her career in a chain shoe store, Kim went on to eventually own her own boutique and also be a buyer.  She loves sales, her customers and finding the next “unique” thing.  Animal lover to a fault – with more than 30 animals on her small farm, Kim spends her spare time running her horse farm and of course being a wife and a Mom to her 2 kids.

Amy McKnight





Amy began her career as a buyer for White House Black Market and landed as a Sales Rep. Amy’s a wannabee city girl with  southern style which brings a unique aspect to her selling. She is consistently a top Sales Rep and her customers love the enthusiasm and spirit she brings to selling. Amy is our fashionista and you will rarely find her without her white jeans. In her spare time you can find her “glamping” with her 3 kids, 2 dogs and husband.

Ellen Abbott

Territory Sales Manager

Delaware, Maryland & Virginia Beaches



Ellen brings to her job 10 years of experience as a buyer for South Moon Under and we are so lucky that she is on our team. She consistently meets and exceeds all sales goals and her customers love her. It does help that she seems to know and be connected to everyone in her territory! A mom to two great kids and wife, Ellen is our social butterfly. She knows everyone and everyone knows her – in the best way.

Lori Craft

Territory Sales Manager





While an original Minnesota native, Lori moved to NYC where she worked for Ralph Lauren, went on to have her own shop in New Jersey and most recently worked on the vendor side. Lori is a true lover of all retail - which makes her the perfect Sales Rep.  Mom to two sets of twins and two dogs, Lori brings to Knack not only experience, but an honest and friendly attitude.  

Lisa Girard

Territory Sales Manager

Northern New Jersey & Central

and North Eastern Pennsylvannia



A former General Manager of one of the oldest shops in Pennsylvania, Lisa brings to us and her accounts a deep knowledge of retail, merchandising, buying and planning. Lisa is a ray of sunshine that endlessly brings to us a positive vibe that is contagious. Lisa goes above and beyond for her accounts and loves being able to share her experience to help customers grow.  Lisa is a Mom to three great kids and loves being with her family in her free time.

Marianne Keenan

Territory Sales Manager

Southern New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania



With a master’s degree in education, Marianne uses this to teach customers about product. Marianne originally came to us to represent one line and now she is a full time Sales Rep for Knack’s complete line package. We are always amazed at Marianne’s ability to take every lead and make them a customer. Her enthusiasm and never-quit attitude make her our fastest growing Rep. Mom to three and wife, Marianne is also a die-hard tennis competitor.

Kirstyn Roberts

Territory Sales Manager

DC, Western Maryland and Northwest Virginia



Kirstyn is a “senior” member of our team.  However, she is the youngest – lucky her! Kirstyn was formerly a Sales Manager and brings a great understanding to both sides of the business. She is consistently a top selling Sales Rep for our team and we always receive feedback from her customers that they love working with her. She is committed to our vendors and to her customer’s success. She also loves numbers and a big goal. Kirstyn is the perfect dog mom to her rescue mix PJ. Lucky PJ to have landed Kirstyn as his owner! A great lover of the outdoors, Kirstyn can be found sailing, running or just spending time outside.

Holly Patrylak

Internal Operations



Holly is our “go to” person. Although not focused on one role specifically, she basically covers many on the backside. Whether it is updating Brandwise, keeping our commissions on track or working through new business opportunities, Holly keeps us in line. Holly is the mother to two daughters and a wife. She loves sitting on the beach and spending time with her family and animals.

Lori Craft

The only constant in this world is change.  

Knack is always interested in hardworking, talented and fun individuals. Resumes are welcome at info@ourknack.com.